Superscale 48-1191: F-14A Tomcat

Units: VF-33




Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet may well be a partial reprint as I used these with a Monogram kit I had many years ago. It provides markings for the squadron commander's plane in 1983. At that time, the aircraft was aboard the USS America.

Painted in overall gloss light gull grey (FS16440) it sports a black fin, ventral strake and cockpit surround. Two different ways of portraying this aircraft are provided on the sheet. One is where the outside of the fin is in black. This means the air wing code is in black on the inside and that is provided. The other is where the inside of the fin was also painted black and in that case, a yellow air wing code is provided. Alternate crew names are also provided for the second option.

The builder has to paint the yellow fin tips and well as the black areas of the fin and cockpit surround. The Hasegawa is the recommended kit as it has the additional bits needed for this build, but you could use the Monogram or others if that is not a concern. As with all Superscale sheets, the markings are well done by Microscale and work with all setting solutions.

June 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet

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