Hi-Decal 72-051: F-14A Tomcat

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Scott Van Aken

It isn't very often that I get the chance to review a Hi-Decal sheet and it is a pity as these really are fine sheets. They offer markings that few others have considered and are always a delight.

There are six options on this particular sheet; four from the Iranian Air Force and two from the US Navy's NSAWC (actually, Top Gun), when based in Fallon, Nevada after moving from Miramar

Aircraft 1 is an original issue Iranian F-14A as supplied to the Shah in 1978 and supposedly has 11 kills from the Iran-Iraq war..

#2 is one of the Navy Top gun planes, painted in the 'Flanker' scheme of blues and greys

#3 is an early paint scheme aircraft from 1987 in Islamic Revolution markings and credited with 14 kills.

#4 is a 7 kill aircraft in the newer grey's scheme of 1995.

The fifth aircraft is the second USN plane and this one is in the browns scheme.

Finally #6 is another IRIAF aircraft in the greys scheme and this time from 2003. It is unknown just how many Tomcats the Iranian AF still operate, though it cannot be that many.

Suggested kits for this sheet are Academy, Fujimi,  and Hasegawa, though there are also kits from Italeri and Airfix that one may wish to consider. There are enough insignia for two Iranian and both USN Tomcats. A single set of intake walk areas is provided. The instruction sheet is superbly done, offering drawings for all aspects of the camouflage for all six aircraft.

I should take this opportunity to mention that all Hi-Decal instruction sheets provide paints or paint mixes using Humbrol and Model Master paints. A full stencil suite is also provided as well as most complete placement guide.

February 2006

I'd like to thank D. Rogoz for providing the review sheet. This sheet is available in 1/48 scale as 48-021

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