FCM 72-042: Sundowners part 2

Units: VF-111




Scott Van Aken

This particular set from FCM is on the F-14A Tomcat and specifically the second 1/72 sheet for VF-111. These are from the second half of the 'career' of the plane with the Sundowners before it was disestablished in the early 1990s.

Markings are provided for three aircraft. The first option is from the USS Kitty Hawk in 1991, near the end of VF-111 and the Tomcat and is in the overall Light Gull Grey scheme. This one is the CAG bird and as such has a lot of red in the markings. The image above is of this plane.

From 1986 and aboard the USS Carl Vinson at the time, is the first of two low visibility aircraft. It is also in Light Gull Grey, which makes painting rather easy.

The final options, is also in overall Light Gull Grey and from the USS Carl Vinson, this time from 1985. 

There is a full stencil suite for one aircraft and insignia as well as common data/warning markings for the CAG bird and one of the low viz birds. Thanks to the large tail markings, only one of the low viz birds can be done from this sheet and you'll need to pick the stencil markings from the kit if you wish to do two planes from this sheet. For kits, there are a number of Tomcats out there, but most will choose the Hasegawa versions.

The decals themselves are very nicely  printed by Microscale.

March 2011

Thanks to FCM for providing the review sheet.

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