Superscale 72-864: F-14 A/B Tomcats

Units: VF-103 & VF-211


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

The Tomcat era in the US Navy is now basically a thing of the past. From its first deployment in 1975 to its final cruise in 2005, the F-14 has been the main power in the Naval arsenal for thirty years. Its like will not be seen for quite some time for as nice as its replacement, the F-18F Super Hornet is, the airframe of the Tomcat was built for an interceptor, while the F-18F is basically a general purpose aircraft that happens to be doing the air defense mission. It is slower, has less range and no longer has the long range Phoenix missile.

Both of the Tomcats on this sheet are in the Tactical Paint Scheme (TPS) of FS 36237, 36320, 36375. Markings are scaled for the Hasegawa kit, but I'm sure they will fit the Fujimi or Airfix or any other kit with a bit of wiggling.

The VF-103 aircraft has the nice black fin appropriate for the Jolly Rogers. There is also a 60th anniversary logo on it. This unit is now flying the F-18F as VFA-103.

The other aircraft on the sheet is from VF-211. At one time this unit divided into VF-211 and VF-24, giving up its 'swoosh' to VF-24. When that unit disestablished without replacement several years back, the swoosh returned. The unit is one of the last of active Tomcat squadrons and I'm not sure if it will be transitioning to the F-18F or not.

The sheet provides insignia and common data markings to allow both aircraft to be built.

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August 2005

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