Eagle Strike  48-165: Tomcats Pt VIII

Units VF-32, VF-143




Scott Van Aken

Nice to see a Tomcat sheet and this one covers a pair of CAG birds from East Coast units. Both are in the nice Light Gull Grey and White scheme, which means a lot of color for these planes. They are designed for the Hasegawa kits, but should be able to fit the Academy and Monogram versions as wee, though it may take a bit of fudging.

The first aircraft is from VF-143 which was aboard the USS America in 1977. As with the other scheme, this aircraft has bare metal leading edges to the flight surfaces.

The second scheme is from VF-32 when with the USS John F Kennedy in 1974. Unusual for a CAG bird, the color in this one is in the inside of the vertical fins.

Both schemes are well done and Eagle Strike goes that extra step by supplying you wit the often difficult to paint anti-glare panels for the aircraft.

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