Superscale 48-1118: F-14D Tomcat

Units: VF-213




Scott Van Aken

This sheet covers a specially painted aircraft from VF-213 upon its retirement. It is painted in overall Gloss Gull Grey (FS 16440) with blue on the fin tips and rudder and on the upper fuselage. It has the markings for the USS Theodore Roosevelt and makes for a very nice scheme. The instructions state that it is fitted for the Hasegawa F-14D, but from the look of the markings, it should also work on the much less expensive Revell F-14D kit. Perhaps the only bits that may not fit are the yellow pinstripes that are for the cockpit surround and around the ventral strakes. The rest of the markings are in full color and intake walk area decals are also provided, a nice touch.

August 2006

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