Aeromaster 48-588: F-14A Tomcats

Units: Various


$9.00 MSRP ($7.00 at North American Hobbies )


Scott Van Aken

Here is another identical sheet from the old Aeromaster Nimitz special. Again, it is identical in all respects but for the sheet number and name. It  has a large addendum sheet with a full set of markings and stencils for a single plane.  It will be interesting to see if future releases have an A-6 and EA-6 on one sheet and an S-3A and SH-3H on the other. This sheet is designed for the Hasegawa Tomcats, though it may be used on the Italeri, Academy and Monogram kits with some fudging of the fit. As with the previously reviewed A-7E sheet, this one has two planes from each squadron. One is a CAG bird and the other a normal Tomcat. In this case, there is no difference in markings between the two as the multiple colors were not present on the CAG birds. Just as an interesting note, the first 1/48 Tomcat I ever built (the Fujimi one) was in the VF-84 CAG markings, though with a different aircraft carrier!

There have been two F-14 squadrons that have had black radomes for its planes. VF-31 and the other subject on this sheet, VF-41. The difference between these two schemes extends past just modex and serials as the CAG code (AJ) on the tailfin is different between the two planes. Otherwise, they are most similar.  The 'Aces' have since gone over to the dark side and become VFA-41, flying the F-18F Hornet. 

The other unit is VF-84; the Jolly Rogers. That banner has since switched to VF-103 as VF-84 was disestablished a few years back. The markings for the two planes are exactly the same but for the nose numbers and the serial. The black tail of VF-84 has always been a very popular scheme and one that is often modeled.

If you missed out on the USS Nimitz special or couldn't justify the $25 for that special, here is your chance to at least get the Tomcat portion of it.

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