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 Repliscale 5012 (or 5013) for 1/48 F-14A Tomcat


Long out of production



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Scott Van Aken


Company out of business

The Tomcat is the model that everyone loves to build. I dare say that there are few modelers who haven't at one time or another built an F-14 kit. I know that I have built quite a few in my life, both in 1/72 and 1/48.

Part of that appeal is the seemingly never-ending availability of decal sheets covering the many varied and colorful markings that have been applied to the Tomcat. As nice as the F-15 and F-16 are, they just haven't been blessed with the variety of the schemes applied to the F-14.

Repliscale is a company that for a few brief years, produced some very high quality sheets. I think their demise was due to the size of the sheets that they offered. Most didn't fill the now standard sized envelope and though the sheets adequately covered the subjects, one expects a full sheet. 

What Repliscale did was to not print common markings as one finds on most other sheets, and this shrinks down the size of the sheet. Sure, you have the markings on the kit decals, but when one buys aftermarket, they expect the aftermarket decals to be better so also expect the better data markings.

This sheet covers two VF-194 aircraft. This unit and VF-191 operated the F-14 for less than two years in the 1987-89 time period before cutbacks in the defense budget doomed the air wing for which they were to be attached.

First up is the CAG bird in overall gloss light gull grey (FS36440). Apparently it has full size full color insignia (not provided on the sheet) and a different arrangement of the tail code and unit flash.

The other one is in the Tactical Paint Scheme and does have the low viz insignia. I'm also thinking it had a grey intake warning stripe that is not included on the sheet. Sort of like Repliscale screwed the pooch on both of these.

There is no recommended kit as these markings will fit ANY 1/48 F-14A. The instructions provide side profiles with any detail regarding data placement or upper/lower insignia placement having to come from the kit's instructions. I should also mention that the sheet instructions list this as #5012 while the decals themselves list the sheet as #5013. Must have made ordering this one interesting, eh?

June 2007

Review copy courtesy of your editor and his collection.

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