Superscale 48-656 for F-14A/D Tomcats

Units: VF-124 & VX-9


$Out of Production


Scott Van Aken

Going back a bit into the decal dungeon, I've pulled up this sheet from the early 1990s on the F-14 Tomcat. Though no specific kit is suggested, most will go with the Hasegawa or Revell-Monogram F-14A and F-14D versions, depending on the budgets involved.

The first plane is one of two F-14A show birds painted up by VF-124, the west coast Tomcat training squadron. It is in overall 36440 light gull grey with a FS 36118 area around the cockpit. The fin is stated as being black, but photos I've taken of this plane show that it could well be a very dark navy blue.

The second is the F-14D show bird of VX-9, a unit which was the result of the combining of VX-4 and VX-5. This was the last Tomcat built and painted overall gloss black.

The sheet provides basic data markings and insignia for both aircraft.

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