Yellowhammer 48-031: Farewell Tomcats pt 1






Scott Van Aken

The latest from Yellowhammer is this sheet on F-14 Tomcats. With this being the last year of operation, many companies have been providing the last schemes. This one is for two aircraft from VF-213 'Black Lions' and their F-14Ds

The first one in painted in the overall Gloss Light Gull Grey scheme with the fin tips, rudders and upper canopy area painted in FS 15102 Blue.

The second is the CAG bird in the standard Tactical Paint Scheme with the fin tips and upper canopy area in FS 15080 and another stripe around the canopy in FS 15052. Yellowhammer provides a Black Magic mask and complete instructions for use so that you won't have any difficulty painting this section.

Photos are included of both aircraft for reference. The sheet includes common markings and pin striping as well for both aircraft. (Late note: though I didn't see any registration problem, the fuselage strip for the first offering has been printed as an addendum. If you did not get this sheet in your set, check back with where you bought it or visit the link below if you feel you need one.)

Review copy courtesy of YellowHammer Models

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