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 Superscale 1/32 F-14A




VF-154 CAG bird

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Scott Van Aken



VF-154 is now with the Japan-based CAG-5 on, I think, the  Kitty Hawk. It seems that Japan is where the oldest or least capable carrier is homeported. I can recall in 1973 when they first decided to homeport a carrier, the USS Midway, in Yokosuka, Japan. We were offered all sorts of goodies and made all sorts of promises, mainly that we would not be at sea as long as a US based carrier. 

Well, needless to say, all of that was BS as the Midway probably spent more time at sea during her stay in Japan than any other ship. Besides being very old and not that seaworthy (thanks to all the modifications they did to her), she also carried 'special stores', as do all US carriers. That made her very unpopular with the anti-nuke forces in Japan so rather than put up with all the protests, she stayed at sea a lot! I imagine that the Independence and the Kitty Hawk did the same!

Getting back with VF-154, when the Midway got rid of her F-4 squadrons, she needed to have something to replace them. However, she wasn't fitted for the Tomcat so got extra USMC Hornet squadrons for her final cruises. When the Midway was retired and a more modern carrier took her place, then F-14s could be based with CAG-5. This was VF-21 and VF-154, who got picked. During the Gulf War, both units served with distinction, and though they didn't knock down any Migs (thanks to the hogging of all the action by the USAF), they did provide escort to USN strike groups. VF-21 is now gone, thanks to a downsizing of the Tomcat fleet, mostly because of attrition and replacement by the F-18.

The VF-154 bird on this sheet is the CAG commander's aircraft. As is typical of the time, the colors are on a black tail. The aircraft is painted in overall FS 16440 gloss light gull grey. This makes not only for an easy to paint airplane, but also makes for a very colorful plane.

Naturally, there is no room on the sheet for insignia or stencil data, so that will have to come from the kit sheet. Should look great on your Tamiya or Revell 1/32 Tomcat!

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet.

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