Superscale 48-1023: F-14B Tomcat

Units: VF-32




Scott Van Aken

The second new Tomcat sheet is also designed for the Hasegawa F-14B kit. This one is the CAG bird from VF-32. As with most CAG Tomcats, the fins and ventral strake are in very dark blue. The best way to duplicate this is to get some dark blue and add black to it until the proper shade is reached. Superscale has provided a decal for the ventral strake, but if you wish to paint it, a separate squadron decal is given. The canopy surround area must also be painted very dark blue on this one.

Intake walkway decals and a pretty complete stencil suite is provided for this aircraft. It seems as if this is a 'Bombcat' so you'll need to add on the appropriate bomb racks. This aircraft also has a number of mission markings from the invasion of Iraq.

August  2005

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