Superscale 48-1103: F-14B Tomcat

Units: VF-32




Scott Van Aken

This is a new one on me. I didn't realize there was an F-14B Upgrade version of the Tomcat and can only surmise that this includes a number of D model upgrades. Anyway, this particular sheet is for a VF-32 aircraft in 2006, the last year of Tomcat operations. Markings are for the USS John Stennis and this aircraft is in a retro scheme of Light Gull Grey over white with white fins. Unlike the original grey/white scheme, the upper surface of the control surfaces are in Light Gull Grey.

The recommended kit is the Hasegawa F-14B and the sheet provides intake walkways, nose anti-glare panel and other common markings. This should make into a very nice looking model when done.

June 2006

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