Starfighter Decals 144-106 F-14D Tomcat


Starfighter Decals 144-106 F-14D Tomcat


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VF-31 CAG and Squadron Commander


Scott Van Aken


For any 1/144 F-14 kit. Alps printed.

A popular subject with modelers has been the F-14 and it is no surprise that there are a number of kits, even in 1/144 scale from Dragon, Revell, LS, and others. For the most part, these kits are fairly accurate, though I do notice that when transitioning down to 1/144 scale, it seems that shapes tend to suffer a bit.

Starfighter Decals has chosen to do a pair of fancy Tomcats from VF-31 for this sheet and since these are F-14Ds, you will need the Dragon kit for these. There are two markings options available, one is the CAG bird with the required black fin. This one has the CAG colors atop it. The other is the Squadron Commander's plane in the somewhat normal fancy scheme that is mostly red. The sheet provides all of the biggies including the black canopy surround decal in several parts. You'll still have to paint the canopy frames themselves, but this is a big time-saver for most. You get full stencil and insignia markings for both aircraft. The ventral strakes will need to be painted prior to adding on the decals that go there. I know I've mentioned this, but it would be nice to include at least one standard line bird in with the fancy markings. I'd be willing to pay extra for it.

These decals are ALPS printed and have a clear coat over them to protect them from damage, but one still needs to be careful. Only the weakest of setting solutions (Microscale) is recommended.

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July 2008

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