Print Scale 72-390: F-14 Tomcat




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Scott Van Aken



A popular modeling subject is the F-14 Tomcat. Though the sheet states it is for the F-14A, the sheet also includes a B and a D variant. All three aircraft have the simplified TPS. As is often the case with Print Scale decals, those exterior colors are not provided, but they are FS 36320 and FS 36375, colors that are so close to each other than often the aircraft appear to be a single color.

What is provided is an F-14A from VF-154 aboard the USS Kitty Hawk. The sheet does not provide information on where to place the tail code. Two tiny images are provided of this aircraft, but one can see no detail from them.

Next is an F-14D with VF-31 as assigned to the USS Abraham Lincoln. At the time of these markings, this normally east coast based unit was based on the west coast at then-NAS Miramar.

Finally, the most markings intensive option is an F-14B with VF-143 aboard the USS JFK. Again, a tiny image is provided.

Decals are nicely printed and I've found their decals to be quite good.

January 2024

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