Twobobs 48-055 for F-14B Tomcats

Units: VF-31




Scott Van Aken


One of the first squadrons to convert to the F-14D Tomcat was VF-31. This conversion necessitated a move to NAS Miramar from its east coast base at Norfolk. With the changing of hands of Miramar to a Marine Corps base, VF-31 returned east a few years after and is still (as of Dec 2004) one of the few units still operating the Tomcat.

This sheet covers five aircraft that participated in OIF during 2003 when the operated in the strike role from the USS Abraham Lincoln. It includes the Squadron Commander's plane with a full red tail and ventral stabilizers. All aircraft have mission markings and there are enough other decals to made one complete model and bits for another if you choose the squadron CO's plane.

The instructions provide full placement information for the data markings and also have a number of small photos of the actual aircraft to assist the builder.

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