Superscale 48-850: F-14A Tomcat

Units: VF-84




Scott Van Aken

Undoubtedly one of the most modeled units of the Navy is the Jolly Rogers. The unit number itself has changed over time (now being VF-103), but the spirit and markings have remained a constant theme. Must be something about the skull and crossbones that attracts modelers. This particular sheet is for a rather late build plane in the gloss gull grey and white scheme. Of course it has the requisite black tail for the decals. The area around the canopy will also need to be painted black as well the ventral fins. Superscale provides all the markings needed for this aircraft on one sheet so no need to hunt for insignia or data markings. A separate white decal is provided to back up the fuselage insignia so that the black nose band does not bleed through, a very thoughtful inclusion.

Regardless of which F-14 kit you choose, the markings should fit without any real problem. Most will go for the Hasegawa or Academy kit, but there is also the Fujimi and Monogram kits if you happen to have those in your stash.

Just FYI, this aircraft was lost at sea in May 1980

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