Fightertown Decals 48-002: VF-24 Last Rage part 2

Units: VF-24


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Scott Van Aken

So here is Fightertown Decals' second sheet for VF-24 F-14 Tomcats. Again, no specific kit though most will use the Hasegawa or Monogram version for this (Apparently the Italeri kit is a stinker and the Fujimi version is not easy to find).

Basically, there are three aircraft on this sheet. Two of them have black tails and black ventral strakes and one is the CAG bird. You have enough options on the sheet to allow one of the two to be done. The third option is a standard line bird. All three are from the 1995/96 time frame.

All three options are very well researched and little differences are noted on the superbly printed color instructions. All three are in the basic Tactical Paint Scheme and I will parrot my last review's comment that it would be nice for those not familiar with this scheme to actually point out on one of the profiles what color goes where as the greys are quite close.

Full data and insignia are provided for two of the aircraft and one does have to pay attention to things as there are small differences between aircraft. You also get some nice additional bits. For instance, you get helmet markings and shoulder patches for the crew. You also get  landing gear data plates and markings for the launch bar.

The sheet is very nicely printed by Microscale and is an excellent sheet. One that you really should pick up for your next Tomcat project.

June 2007

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