Starfighter Decals 144-108 VF-32 Swordsmen


Starfighter Decals 144-108: VF-32 Swordsmen


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Scott Van Aken



Here is another fine sheet for 1/144 fans from Starfighter Decals. This set is for the F-14Bs assigned to VF-32 in their last years with the Tomcat. There are two schemes provided. One is the CAG bird with either a black or dark blue fin. It also has a black ventral fin and canopy surround. The other is the commanding officer's plane in a more standard scheme though it has yellow in the fin markings that a standard line bird would not have.

For kits you can either use the Dragon Tomcat or use the very nice Revell 1/144 F-14D and backdate it by using an earlier undernose seeker pod.

The markings are superbly done on an ALPS printer (one of the reasons the gold is so good) and so care is needed when handling them as they are super thin. Starfighter Decals has a full markings guide for the aircraft and includes the upper wing walk section as well.

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July 2008

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