Superscale 48-975: F-14 A/D Tomcat

Units: VX-4/9


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

Just like the F-4 had its black bunny aircraft when the Phantom was king, so did the F-14. In this case, the F-14 in this sheet is the F-14D in markings it carried in the last years of its life before the type was withdrawn. As with the F-4, VX-9 used the last build F-14, 164604, to be its show plane. Though devoid of the rabbit for many years (it was considered politically incorrect), sane heads realized there was more to tradition than to kow-towing to political pressure and it was reinstated for its last years.

Also on the sheet is one of VX-4s somewhat standard F-14As. This aircraft is in the easy to paint overall FS 36440 Light Gull Grey. The sheet provides markings for both planes and that includes insignia and some data markings. The recommended kit is the Hasegawa version, but I'm sure it will fit the Revell-Monogram kits with no problems. Perhaps even the Academy version as well.

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