Superscale 72-192: F-14A Tomcat

Units: VF- 114, 211, 213


Long OOP


Scott Van Aken

This sheet is for Pacific Fleet Tomcats, all in their original hi-viz schemes. These planes are in gloss light gull grey and white. Kits that were around when this was issued were from Airfix, a horrible Monogram version, and the then-new Hasegawa Tomcat.  The sheet is sans insignia, which was the norm when this was first issued. A rather complete data selection is provided.

First up is a VF-114 bird from the USS Kittyhawk. The builder will have to paint the orange fin and wing tips.

Next is VF-211 with its very nice checkered tail. This one was aboard the USS Constellation.

Finally, a VF-213 bird, also from the USS Kittyhawk. Of the three squadrons shown, 213 and 211 are the only ones still (at least in 2003) flying the Tomcat. 213 has the D model and 211 is still with the old faithful A version.

Review copy courtesy of my ever growing decal pile!

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