Superscale 72-814: F-14A/D Tomcats

Units: VF-31,  84, & 154




Scott Van Aken

Now for something a bit more modern from Superscale. This sheet is for black tailed Tomcats of various versions. For kits, we have some very good ones from Hasegawa for all three versions, an excellent Revell kit for the D. There are also kits from Italeri for the A and B, but they would not be my first choice as they have some shape problems around the radome. I'll mention the Airfix and Heller kits as well as the older Monogram versions, but most will not be using those.

First up is a VF-154 CAG bird in overall Light Gull Grey, probably the easiest to paint and the most eye-catching. This is an F-14A. I should mention that the kill markings are a glitch and go with the VF-32 plane that was paired with this scheme on the 1/32 sheet.

Next up is the Squadron Commander's F-14B from VF-84 in the three greys Tactical Paint scheme.

Finally, from VF-31 comes a CAG bird in overall Light Gull Grey. This is an F-14D.

I should mention that VF-84 and VF-154 have been disestablished while VF-31 may still be flying the Tomcat as I write this (March 2004), but the end of the Tomcat is definitely in sight.

The sheet provides basic markings for all three schemes.

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