DXM Decals 81-4230: F14A Tomcat - VF-1 Wolfpack





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Scott Van Aken


For appropriate 1/48 F-14A

This is a very nicely done sheet for your favorite 1/48 F-14A Tomcat kit and covers the full range of camouflage schemes worn by the aircraft of VF-1 during its tenure with the Tomcat. Sadly, the squadron was formed with the F-14 and was disestablished while flying it as well.

The sheet, or actually set as there are two sheets, offers six different schemes.

First is the light gull grey over white scheme from the USS Enterprise cruise in 1978.

Next is one of the later, Tactical Paint Scheme, offerings from the USS Ranger in 1985.

The next four are all in the overall gloss gull grey scheme. The initial one with the full color insignia and red tail markings is from the USS Ranger in  1990.

From 1986 we have another USS Ranger scheme with the tail code on the outside of the fin.

One with a darker grey markings is one of two from the 1981 time period.

Finally, one from 1981 as well but with the lighter grey markings. All the overall LGG options are from the USS Ranger.

These markings are applicable to any proper F-14A kit on the market in this scale, but you do need to be aware that though the profiles all show the same plane, there were differences in terms of gun gas vents, the beaver tail and the IR seeker depending on time frame and the serial number of the plane so those concerned about that need to do a bit of research. There are enough insignia for five of the options and sufficient data and other common markings for at least one plane if not two. You cal also use what the kit offers for more options.

In all, it is an excellent sheet for the Tomcat fan. It is also available in 1/72 scale. The sheet comes with full color instructions and the decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf.  

May 2019

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