Aeromaster 48-792: Tomcat Supreme pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

It is a tad sad to see the end of an era, but it comes to everything eventually. This sheet is designed for the Hasegawa F-14 series, though for the F-14D you could easily use the Revell kit as it is quite nice.

First option is from a retro scheme F-14Dr from VF-2 aboard the USS Constellation in 1996 to honor the 25th anniversary of the unit. It is in the old colors of gloss light gull grey over white, though unlike days of yore, the upper surface control surfaces are in light gull grey.

The next two are both from VF-103, who took over VF-84's markings of the Jolly Roger. One is a standard squadron CO's bird while the second  is from a later cruise with a Christmas motif on the fin. Both of these are in the TPS with black fins, ventral strakes and canopy area. These are both F-14Bs

There are two sheets which provide sufficient markings for the VF-2 aircraft and one of the VF-103 birds. Not only are decals provided for the black areas on the latter aircraft, but so are templates if you wish to paint this area.

July 2006

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