Battles/Campaigns pre 1900

Bronze Age War Chariots
Osprey's Soldiers of the Pharaoh: Middle Kingdom Egypt 2055 - 1650 BC
Osprey's Hittite Fortifications: 1650 -700 BC
Osprey's Besieged: siege warfare in the ancient world
Osprey's Hittite Warrior
Osprey's Shadows in the Desert (Persian Empire)

Macedonian Warriors
Osprey's War Elephants
Osprey's Alexander the Great at War: His Army*His Battles*His Enemies
Osprey's Thermopylae 480 BC
Osprey's Tarentine Horsemen of Magna Graecia
Osprey's Syracuse: 415-413BC
Osprey's Hannibal

Osprey's Rome and her Enemies
Osprey's Walls of Rome
Osprey's The Roman Army of the Punic Wars 264-146 BC
Osprey's: The Roman Army of the Principiate 27 BC - 117 AD
Osprey's Roman Auxiliary Forts 27 BC-AD 378
Osprey's Actium 31 BC
Osprey's Imperial Roman Naval Forces 31BC - 500 AD
Osprey's Lords of Battle: The world of the Celtic Warrior
Osprey's Roman Battle Tactics 109 BC-313AD
Osprey's Forts of Judea: 168 BC - AD 73
Osprey's The Roman Army: the Civil Wars 88-31 BC
Osprey's Roman Guardsman, 62BC-324AD
Osprey's Philippi 42 BC: The Death of the Roman Republic
Roman Auxiliary Cavalry: AD 14 - 193
Germanic Warrior AD 236-568
Granicus 334 BC
Osprey's :The Hun, Scourge of God 375-565
Osprey's British Forts in the Age of Arthur
Osprey's Saracen Strongholds 630-1050
The Vikings: Voyagers of Discovery and Plunder
Pirates of the Far East; 811-1639
Medieval Russian Fortresses AD 862-1480
Osprey's Byzantine Infantryman 900-1204
Osprey's Norman Knights - 950 to 1204 AD
Osprey's Crusader Castles in the Holy Land
Cathar Castles
Osprey's The Fortifications of Gibraltar, 1068 - 1945
Osprey's The Scandinavian Baltic Crusades 1100 - 1500
Osprey's Saracen Strongholds; 1100-1500
Osprey's Second Crusade 1148
Knights of Outremer; 1187 - 1344
Teutonic Knights 1190-1561
Crusader Castles in Cyprus, Greece and the Aegean; 1191-1571

Osprey's Scottish Baronial Castles 1250 - 1450
Osprey's The Mongol Invasions of Japan 1274 and 1281
Osprey's The Castles of Edward I in Wales 1277-1307
Osprey's Ninja: AD 1460 - 1650
Osprey's Samurai Armies: 1467-1649
Osprey's Soldier's of the Dragon
The Spanish Main 1492-1800
Osprey's Aztecs and Conquistadores

Osprey's Scottish Renaissance Armies 1513-1550
Osprey's Castles of Henry VIII
Osprey's Malta: 1565
Osprey's The Great Expedition: Sir Francis Drake on the Spanish Main 1585/86
Osprey's Samurai Invasion of Korea 1592-98
Japanese Castles in Korea 1592-98
Osprey's Forts of New France 1600-1763
Osprey's Imperial Armies of the Thirty Years' War (1)

Osprey's Naseby 1645: The triumph of the New Model Army
Osprey's Vienna: 1683
Osprey's Maori Fortifications
Osprey's Pirate: The Golden Age
Osprey's The Scottish Jacobite Army 1745-46
Osprey's Indian Tribes of the New England Frontier
Osprey's Armies of the East India Company 1750-1850
Empires Collide: the French and Indian War 1754-63
Osprey's Highlander in the French & Indian War
Osprey's American Loyalist Troops 1775 - 84
Osprey's New York 1776
Osprey's Trenton and Princeton 1776-77
Casemate Publishing's With Musket and Tomahawk

Osprey's Philadelphia 1777: Taking  the Capital
Osprey's The Swamp Fox
Osprey's Royal Navy 1793-1815
Osprey's Napoleon Bonaparte
Osprey's Napoleon's Mamelukes
Osprey's British Riflemen 1797-1815
Osprey's Horatio Nelson
Osprey's Nelson's Officers and Midshipmen
Osprey's Trafalgar: 1805
Osprey's Decatur's Bold and Daring Act
Osprey's The Wars of the Barbary Pirates

Osprey's Anglo-Afghan Wars 1839-1919
Osprey's The Indian Mutiny 1857-58
Osprey's Solferino: 1859
Osprey's Struggle for a vast future (US Civil War)
Osprey's American Civil War Guerrilla Tactics
Osprey's Irish-American Units in the Civil War
The Confederate Army 1861-65 (4):Virginia and Arkansas
Osprey's The Confederate Army (5); Tennessee and North Carolina
The Confederate Army 1861-65 (6) - Missouri, Kentucky, and Maryland
Deadly Inferno: Battle of the Wilderness
Osprey's Shenandoah Valley 1862
Osprey's Roughshod through Dixie: Grierson's Raid 1863.
Osprey's Brandy Station: 1863

Sherman's March to the Sea: 1864
Osprey's Petersburg 1864-65
Osprey's Ironclads at War
Osprey's American Civil War Fortifications (2)

Osprey's American Civil War Fortifications (3)
Osprey's US Infantry in the Indian Wars 1865-91
Osprey's The German Fortress of Metz 1870-1944
Osprey's Rorke's Drift - 1879
Osprey's Tombstone
Mushroom Model Publications' Sino-French Naval War 1884-85
Osprey's American Coastal Defenses: 1885 -1950
Osprey's Roosevelt's Rough Riders
Osprey's The Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection
Osprey's The Boxer Rebellion -1900

Shire's Vanished Armies

Battles/Campaigns (from 1900)

Osprey's War on the Western Front
Osprey's WWI Battlefield Artillery Tactics
Osprey's World War I Gas Warfare Tactics and Equipment
Osprey's Trench: A history of trench warfare on the Western Front
Osprey's First Battle of the Marne 1914
Osprey's Coronel and Falklands 1914
Osprey's :London 1914-1917 - The Zeppelin Menace

Osprey's Easter Rising 1916: Birth of the Irish Republic
Osprey's Somme: 1 July 1916
Osprey's The Arab Revolt: 1916-18
Osprey's Cambrai 1917: The birth of armored warfare
Osprey's London 1917-18: the bomber blitz
Letters from Verdun
Osprey's Amiens: 1918
Osprey's The Blocking of Zeebrugge: Operation Z-O 1918
Osprey's St Mihiel 1918
Osprey's Chateau Thierry & Belleau Wood 1918
Osprey's The Russian Civil War 1918-22
Osprey's WWII Axis Booby Traps and Sabotage Tactics
Osprey's The Mannerheim Line 1920-39
Osprey's The Chaco War: 1932-35

Valiant Wings Publishing: Spanish Civil War
Osprey's Norway and Denmark 1940
Osprey's Fall Gelb 1940 (1)
Osprey's The Fall of Eban Emael - Belgium 1940
Osprey's Dunkirk 1940: Operation Dynamo
Osprey's France 1940
Osprey's The Battle Of Britain
Valiant Wings Publishing: The Battle of Britain
Osprey's The Blitz: an illustrated history
Crecey's The Luftwaffe's Blitz: The inside story
Osprey's Desert Raiders: Axis and Allied Special Forces 1940-43
Mushroom Model Publications' Desert Prelude: Operation Compass
Osprey's Taranto 1940
Valiant Wings Battle of Taranto
Osprey's Tanks of Hitler's Eastern Allies 1941-45
Osprey's Iraq 1941
Osprey's Crete; 1941
Osprey's Barbarossa 1941 (3): Army Group Center.
Casemate's Operation Barbarossa 1941
Osprey's Leningrad 1941-44: The Epic Siege
Concord's Battles of Smolensk & Roslavl - 1941
Osprey's Operation 'Archery':The Commandos and the Vaagso Raid-1941
Osprey's Hong Kong 1941-45
Concord's Siege of Sevastopol and Crimea Campaign - 1941/42
Osprey's The Führer's Headquarters

Osprey's The Atlantic Wall part 1
Osprey's The Atlantic Wall part 2
Day of Infamy
Osprey's Tora! Tora! Tora! Pearl Harbor 1941
Osprey's Wake Island - 1941
Osprey's Fall of the Philippines 1941-42
Osprey's WWII Desert Tactics
Osprey's WWII Street-Fighting Tactics

Fight to the Death: Battle of Guadalcanal
Osprey's The Doolittle Raid 1942
Osprey's Naval Battles for Guadalcanal 1942
Osprey's Rommel's Afrika Korps - Tobruk to El Alamein
Osprey's Kharkov 1942
Osprey's Santa Cruz 1942
Osprey's Gazala 1942.
Osprey's Desert Rat 1940-43.
Osprey's The Cockleshell Raid - Bordeaux 1942

Osprey's The Coral Sea 1942: The First Carrier Battle
Osprey's Midway 1942: Turning Point in the Pacific
Kagero's Objective: The Caucuses
Osprey's Carlson's Marine Raiders - Makin 1942
Osprey's Stalingrad: 1942
Osprey's Sevastopol: 1942
Osprey's El Alamein: 1942
Periscopio's El Alamein 1942
Osprey's Red Christmas; the Tatsinskaya Airfield Raid 1942
Osprey's Behind Soviet Lines
Osprey's Demyansk 1942-43
Osprey's Chindit 1942-45
Zitadelle: the German Offensive against the Kursk Salient, 4-17 July 1943
Camouflage & Markings: Armor in Theater - Eastern Front Spring/Summer 1943 Vol 1
Squadron/Signal's Kursk 1943
Osprey's Kursk 1943
Herman Göring Panzer Division in Sicily
Osprey's Sicily 1943
Osprey's Salerno 1943
Fallschirmjäger at the Gran Sasso

Osprey's Rescuing Mussolini: Gran Sasso 1943
Osprey's Knight's Move: The hunt for Tito
Osprey's Anzio 1944
Osprey's Operation Pointblank 1944
The Fall of Monte Cassino
Osprey's Vercors 1944
Osprey's Overlord: The D-Day Landings
Osprey's Rangers Lead the Way: Pointe-du-Hoc 1944
Osprey's Normandy 1944: Allied Landings and Breakout
Dying for Saint Lo: Hedgerow Hell July 1944
Osprey's Operation Totalize 1944
Guidelines' Camouflage & Markings Volume 2: Armor in Theater Normandy Campaign part 1: British and Canadian forces
Armour in Theater Volume 3:  Normandy Campaign part 2: US & German Forces
Osprey's Leyte Gulf 1944
Osprey's Operation Dragoon 1944
Osprey's Cherbourg 1944
Osprey's Liberation of Paris 1944
Osprey's Metz 1944: Patton's fortified nemesis
Osprey's Letye 1944
Osprey's Walcheren 1944
Osprey's Warsaw 1944
A Magnificent Disaster: The Failure of Market Garden, the Arnhem Operation

Osprey's The Siegfried Line 1944-45
The Rhine Crossings 1945
Mektila 1945 - the battle to liberate Burma
Strike and Return: American Air Power and the fight for Iwo Jima
Osprey's Remagen: 1945
Hitler's Last Gamble: The Battle of the Bulge
Osprey's Japan 1945: From Operation Downfall to Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Osprey's Berlin: 1945
Periscopio's Berlin 1945
Osprey's Downfall 1945
Osprey's Hell in the Pacific; the battle for Iwo Jima
Osprey's Defense of Japan 1945
Osprey's The Chinese Civil War 1945-49

Inch'on 1950; the last great amphibious assault
The Hungarian Revolution: 1956
Osprey's The Berlin Wall
Osprey's The Bay of Pigs: 1961

 Rolling Thunder in a Gentle Land: the Vietnam War revisited
Osprey's Viet Cong and NVA Tunnels and Fortifications of the Vietnam War
 Vietnam Firebases 1965-73
Osprey's The Six Day War 1967: Jordan and Syria
Osprey's The Six Day War 1967: Sinai
Osprey's The Yom Kippur War
Osprey's The Soviet-Afghan War 1979-1989
Tanker War: America's first conflict with Iran 1987-88
Osprey's Who Dares Wins: The SAS and Iranian Embassy Siege - 1980
Osprey's Russia's War in Chechnya 1994-2009
Yugoslav Wars (1): Slovenia & Croatia.
Osprey's The Yugoslav Wars (2)
Osprey's Certain Death in Sierra Leone: The SAS and Operation Barras - 2000
Squadron/Signal's Operation Iraqi Freedom
Osprey's Killing Bin Laden - 2011


Osprey's The Australian Army in World War I
Osprey's The Australian Army in WWII
Mud & Dust. Australian Army Vehicles & Artillery in Vietnam
Osprey's ANZAC Infantryman 1914-15


Osprey's The Forts of the Meuse in WWI
Osprey's The Belgian Army in WWI 


Osprey's Canadian Corps in WWI


Osprey's Great Wall of China 221 BC - AD 1644
Osprey's Chinese Walled Cities 221 BC-1644 AD
Osprey's Chinese Warlord Armies 1911-30
Osprey's Chinese Army 1937-49
Osprey's The Chinese People's Liberation Army Since 1949


Osprey's The Czech Legion 1914-20


Kagero's AMX-30 Char de Bataille Vol 1
Kagero's AMX-30 Char de Bataille Vol 2
History of the Maginot Line
Osprey's Napoleons' Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard
Napoleon's Mounted Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard
Osprey's Mounted Grenadiers of the Imperial Guard
French Hussars vol 3
French Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792-1815
Osprey's French Foreign Legion 1872-1914
Osprey's French Poilu 1914-18
Osprey's French Tanks of World War I
Osprey's French Tanks of WWII (2)
French Resistance Fighter


Mushroom Models Publications' 9. Panzer Division 1940-1943
Osprey's Afrika Korps 1941-43
Images of War: Afrika Korps
Als Panzermann in Afrika and Italien 1942-45
Osprey's Albert Kesselring
'German Armored Cars: 1905-1945'
Concord's German Artillery at War Vol 2
BMW R 75 Motorcycle
Kagero's Photosniper: BMW R 75
Concord's Barbarossa
Osprey's 42 cm 'Big Bertha' and German Siege Artillery of WWI
Osprey's Blue Division Soldier: 1941-45
Collecting Colditz and its Secrets
Osprey's Defense of the Third Reich
Concord's Early Panzer Victories
Osprey's Erwin Rommel
Concord's Fighting Withdrawl
Concord's Battle in the East: German Army in Russia

German Commanders of WWII Volume 2
Concord's Das Reich in France 1940
Casemate's Deutsche Soldaten
Endkampf un das Reichsgebiet 1944-45 (Ostfront)
Osprey's Erich Von Manstein
Osprey's Walther Model

German Field Fortifications 1939-1945
Concord's German Soldier on the Western Front 1914-18
Amber Publishing's Hitler's Secret Weapons
Concord's German Half-Tracks of World War Two Vol 2

Osprey's The German Homefront 1939-45
In Color #1: Germany's War in the East part 1
WWP Horch 108 command car 
Concord's Into the Cauldron: Das Reich on the Eastern Front
Squadron/Signal K5(E) Railgun
Squadron/Signal Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer - Walkaround
Osprey's Jagdflieger: Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot 1939-45

Kampfflieger: Luftwaffe bomber crews 1939-45.
Knight's Cross with Diamonds Recipients (1941-45)
Ampersand's Kubelwagen & Schwimmwagen
Osprey's 88mm Flak 18/36/37/41 & PaK 43
WWP Kettenkrad
Armor Photogallery #12: German Railway Gun 'Leopold'
Concord's German Leichte Panzer at War
Osprey's German Machine Guns of WWI
Osprey's German Mountain and Ski Troops 1939-1945
Top Shots' Opel Blitz
WWP Opel Blitz
Concord's Operation Blau June-August 1942
Ampersand's German Panzer I
Osprey's Panzer 38(t)
Osprey's German Panzers 1914-1918
Panzergrenadier Divisions; 1939-1945
German Panzers in WWII
Kagero's Pz.Kpfw III family
Ian Allen's Panzerwaffe Volume 2
Concord's Panzer Divisions in Battle 1939-45
Concord's Panzer Divisions in Battle 1939-45 Vol 2
Panzer Gunner
Squadron/Signal PzKpfw 38(t) Variations In Action
Osprey's German Pioneer 1939-45
WWP Schwimmwagen in Detail.
WWP SdKfz 124 Wespe
Armor Photogallery: Marder II Sdkfz 131
MBI's book on the Marder III
Panzer Divisions: The Blitzkrieg Years 1939-40
Osprey's Panzer Divisions: Eastern Front 1941-43
Concord's Panzer Vor! 5
Concord's Panzer Vor! 7
Nuts and Bolts #24: Pz.Kpfw II ausf D/E and variants
#2 Photo Gallery: Panzerkampfwagen III
Concord's Panzerkampfwagen III and IV
Panzerwaffe Volume 1
Photosniper #20: Sd.Kfz 234
Ampersand's SdKfz 251 Half-track
Osprey's German Special Forces of World War 2
Concord's German Sturmartillerie at War Vol. 1
Concord's German Sturmartillerie at War Vol 2

The German Sturmgeschütze in WW II
Armor PhotoGallery #10 on the Stug III ausf D
Kagero's Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär
Squadron/Signal Tiger in Action
Squadron/Signal's Tiger I in Action
Zenith Press' Tiger Tank: Workshop Owner's Manual
Osprey's Tiger
Osprey's German V-weapon Sites 1939-45
Volkswagens of the Wehrmacht
Concord's Waffen-SS in Action
Concord's The Waffen SS in Russia 1941-44

Images of War:  Waffen-SS on the Eastern Front 1941-1945
Concord's White Hell: German Army in the Russian Winter
Zundapp KS 750 motorcycle

Great Britain

WWP's AS 90 155mm SP howitzer
Osprey's Bill Slim
Concord's British Armor in North West Europe, Volume 1

Osprey's British Artillery 1914-19 - Heavy Artillery
Osprey's The British Expeditionary Force 1914-15
 Osprey's British Army on the Western Front - 1916
Warpaint volume 1, British Army Colors and Markings
Warpaint volume 3: British Army Vehicles 1903-2003
Osprey's British Commandos 1940-46
Osprey's Challenger 2 MBT 1987 - 2006
Cromwell Cruiser Tank; 1942-50
Osprey's Desert Rats: the 8th Army in North Africa 1941-43
Osprey's The British Fleet Air Arm in WWII
Osprey: British Home Front 1939-45
Osprey's British Light Tanks 1927-45
Osprey's British Mark I Tank: 1916
Osprey's British Mark IV Tank
Operation Freshman: the hunt for Hitler's heavy water
Osprey's British Reconnaissance Corps in WWII
Osprey's British 25 pounder
Osprey's Channel Islands 1941-45
Kagero's Chieftain Main Battle Tank
Osprey's Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower
Combat Camera 1: Cromwell and Centaur
Osprey's Long Range Desert Group
Osprey's Long Range Desert Group Patrolman 1940-43
Osprey's British Napoleonic Infantry Tactics
The New Breed part 1 - North Africa (British camouflage and markings)
Osprey's Orde Wingate
Osprey's The Rolls-Royce Armored Car
Osprey's Royal Marine Commando 1950-82
Osprey's Sherman 'Crab' Flail Tank
Osprey's Sherman Firefly
Osprey's SOE Agent: Churchill's Secret Warriors
Osprey's Staghound Armored Car 1942-62
Codename Swallow: the Sherman at El Alamein
Who Dares; Wins: Special Forces Heroes of the SAS
Osprey's Strongholds of the Border Reivers.
Pen & Sword's British Tanks of the Second World War
Squadron/Signal's Valentine Tank - Walkaround
Osprey's Valentine Infantry Tank 1938-45
MMP Book's Into the Valley: Valentine tanks 1938-1960
Osprey's Medium Mark A Whippet


Ancient Greek Warship: 500-322 BC


MMP's Magyar Steel
Osprey's The Royal Hungarian Army in WWII


Osprey's Irish Regiments in the World Wars
Osprey's The Irish Civil War 1922-23


WWP's Israeli Armor Part II
Osprey's Israeli Fortifications of the October War 1973
Osprey's Israel's Lightning Strike: The raid on Entebbe 1976
Osprey's Israeli Tanks and Infantry Carriers 1985-2004


Osprey's Condottiere 1300-1500
Italian Armored Vehicles of WWII
Osprey's Italian Army Elite Units & Special Forces 1940-43
Italian Armor in German Service 1943-1945

Osprey's Italian Medium Tanks 1939-45
Osprey's Italian Blackshirt 1935-45
Osprey's Italian Soldier in North Africa 1941/43
Squadron/Signal's Italian Truck-Mounted Artillery in Action
Osprey's Italian Navy and Air Force Elite Units WWII


Osprey's Strongholds of the Samurai
Japanese Castles AD 250 - 1540
Japanese Castles in Korea 1592-98
Osprey's Samurai Women 1184-1877
Osprey Japanese Army of WWII
Osprey's Japanese Army 1931-45 part 1.
Japanese Army 1931-1945 part 2
Osprey's Japanese Infantryman 1937-45
Osprey's Japanese Army in WWII: The South Pacific and New Guinea 1942-43
Osprey's Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces
Osprey's Japanese Tanks 1939-1945
Osprey's World War II Japanese Tank Tactics
Concord's Warriors of Imperial Japan 1941-45
Osprey's Yamamoto Isoroku

'The Reluctant Admiral: Yamamoto and the Imperial Navy'

New Zealand

Osprey's The New Zealand Wars 1820-72
Osprey's The New Zealand Expeditionary Force in World War I


Osprey's Medieval Polish Armies 966-1500
Stratus' Polish Tracks #2. Vickers 6 ton Mk E, C6P/T, & C7P

Russia (Soviet Union)

 Armored Units of the Russian Civil War.
Osprey's BT Fast Tank 1931-45
Armada Press BT-7 Light Tank
The History of GAZ Trucks.
WWP's GAZ 66 series
WWP's GAZ 67 book
Top Shots' GAZ-67B
Russian IS-2 Tank
Osprey's Katyusha
Osprey's Red SAM: The SA-2 Guideline Anti-Aircraft Missile
Scud Ballistic Missile and Launch Systems 1955-2005
Osprey's Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft guns of the Soviet Union
Osprey's Soviet Field Fortifications 1941-45
Osprey's World War II Soviet Armed Forces 1939-41
Early Soviet Armor
'Soviet Rifleman 1941-45'
Battleline #2: Comrade Emcha: Sherman in Soviet Service
Osprey's The Stalin and Molotov Lines
Osprey's Soviet Partisan, 1941-44
Russian Tanks in Service; 1935-45
Russian T-26 tank, Part 1
Osprey's T-26 Light Tank
Russian T-28 Tank.
The Unknown T-34
 Ian Allen's T-34 Medium Tank (1939-1943)
MMP Books' T-34/85 Camouflage and Markings 1944/45
WWP T-55 in Detail
Osprey's T-62 Main Battle Tank: 1965-2005
Osprey's T-64 Battle Tank
Osprey's T-80 Standard Tank
WWPs  Ural 5 ton truck
Osprey's The White Rose of Stalingrad
Osprey's Georgy Zhukov



Osprey's The Spanish Civil War (1) Nationalist Forces


Osprey's Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

United States

Osprey's Frontier Militiaman in the War of 1812
Osprey's African American Troops of WWII
Osprey's Always Faithful
Osprey's American Bomber Crewman 1941-45
Osprey's The American Expeditionary Forces in WWI
Osprey's US Amphibious Tanks of WWII
Osprey's US Armed Forces in China 1856-1941
US Armor Camouflage & Markings in WWII
Osprey's The US Army in Vietnam 1965-73
US Airborne Units in the Mediterranean 1942-44
US Airborne Divisions in the ETO 1944-45
Osprey's US Airborne Units in the Pacific Theater 1942-45
Osprey's Vietnam Airmobile Warfare Tactics
Osprey's US Anti-Tank Artillery 1941-45
Osprey's US Armored Units in North Africa and Italy 1942-45
Osprey's World War II US Armored Infantry Tactics
Osprey's US Army Infantry Divisions 1944-45
Osprey's US Army Long-Range Patrol Scout in Vietnam 1965-71
Osprey's WWII US Cavalry Groups: Europe.
Osprey's The Civil War Quiz Book
Osprey's American Civil War Railroad Tactics
Osprey's US Coast Guard in World War II
Osprey's US Combat Engineer 1941-45
Osprey's D-Day Fortifications in Normandy
Osprey's Defending Space: US ASAT and Space Weaponry
Dodge Trucks in Detail
Dodge WC 51/52 'Beep'
Ampersand's Dragon Wagon Pt. II
Osprey's US Field Artillery of World War II.
Osprey's US Flamethrower Tanks of WWII
WWP's Ford Mutt in Detail #2
Squadron/Signal GMC CCKW 2 1/2 -ton Truck - Walk Around
Osprey's George Washington
Osprey's US Army Green Berets in Afghanistan 2001/2
Osprey's Gun Trucks
Ampersand's Gun Trucks
Ampersand's US Half Tracks part 2
Ampersand's High Mobility part 1
US High Speed Tractors
Osprey's HMMWV Humvee 1980-2005
Osprey's Jeeps; 1941-1945
Concord's The US Army Jeep at War
WWP Jeeps in Detail
Jeep in Action Part 2
Osprey's LAV-25

US M2/M3 Half-track walkaround
Squadron's M3A1 Scout Car
Osprey's M3 Lee/Grant Medium Tank 1941-45
Osprey's 3 & M4 Tanks in Pacific Combat
ArmorPhotogallery #11 on the M4A2 Sherman
Squadron/Signal's M5 Stuart Tank - Walkaround
Squadron/Signal's M7 Priest - Walk Around
Osprey's M7 Priest 105mm HMC
Squadron/Signal M8/M20 Armored Cars - Walk Around
Osprey's M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer: 1943-1997
Squadron/Signal's M24 Chaffe Walk Around®
Ampersand's M42 Duster
Ampersand's M48 Patton
Squadron/Signal's M48A3 in Vietnam in Action
Squadron's M50A1 Ontos - Detail in Action
Squadron's M88 Armored Recovery Vehicle - Walk Around
Osprey's M103 Heavy Tank 1950-74
Squadron/Signal's M108/109 Howitzer - Walkaround
Osprey's M109 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer: 1960-2005
Dataview Books' M113 Tech Reference
Squadron/Signal's M113 APC in Vietnam in Action.
Osprey's M551 Sheridan
Squadron/Signal M551 Sheridan Tank - Walkaround

Army Wheels in Detail for the M939 series 5 ton trucks
Ampersand's MaxxPro MRAP
US Marine Raider 1942-43
Concord's Marines on the Ground: OIF2
Osprey's Merrill's Marauders
Native American Code Talker in WWII
Osprey's Nuclear Dawn: The atomic bomb from the Manhattan Project to the cold war
Osprey's US Army Rangers 1989-2015
Ian Allen's 'Red Ball Express'
Osprey's Robert E. Lee
Osprey's Mobile Strike Forces in Vietnam 1966-1970
Osprey's Office of Strategic Services 1942-45.
Osprey's US Army/Marine Corps MRAPS
Osprey's US Army Paratroopers in the Pacific 1943-45
Armor Photogallery #13: Sherman Firefly
Histoire & Collections: Sherman in the Pacific War
Osprey's Sniper, a History of US Marksmen
Special Forces Camps in Vietnam 1961-70
Osprey's Special Operations Forces in Iraq
WWP Studebaker Trucks
Osprey's Swimming Shermans
Osprey's US Army Soldier: Baghdad 2003-04
USMC Tank Crewmen 1965-1970
Osprey's Tunnel Rat in Vietnam
Osprey's USMC Tanks of WWII
Casemate's Marine Corps Tank Battles in Vietnam
Osprey's WWII USN Special Warfare Units
US Army Truck Tractors in Detail
Osprey's Ulysses S. Grant
Osprey's World War II US Cavalry Units - Pacific Theater
Osprey's US Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam
Osprey's US Mechanized Infantryman: First Gulf War
Osprey's US Small Arms in WWII
Osprey's US Strategic and Defensive Missile Systems 1950-2004
Squadron/Signal's US Tank Destroyers Walk-Around.
Osprey's Vietnam Gun Trucks
US WWII Amphibious Tactics


Osprey's Viet Cong Fighter
Osprey's North Vietnamese Army Soldier 1958-75


Osprey's The Bazooka
Osprey's The Bren Gun
Osprey's Browning .50-Caliber Machine Guns
Osprey's The Colt 1911 Pisto
Osprey's The Lee-Enfield Rifle
Osprey's The Martini-Henry Rifle
Osprey's Medieval Handgonnes
Osprey's The Thompson Submachine Gun
Osprey's US combat shotguns
Osprey's The Vickers-Maxim Machine Gun

Misc titles

Stratus' US Army Ordnance Museum - Aberdeen

Allies & Axis #2

Frontline Books' The American Arsenal

Armed Fist;

Camouflage & Markings: Armor in Theater - Eastern Front Spring/Summer 1943 Vol 1

Armoured Operations of the Second World War (1)

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