Codename Swallow: British Sherman Tanks at Alamein


Dennis Oliver


Mushroom Models Publications


6.99  MSRP


Scott Van Aken

Notes: #4102   ISBN 83-89450-33-X

This is the first of a new series of books from Mushroom Models Publications and not only is in a new, larger format from the norm, but also concentrates on armor. This seems a logical progression to me as many aircraft modelers that I know also dabble to one extent or another in armor modeling as well.

This premiere edition covers the camouflage and markings of those Sherman tanks used in their initial combat at El Alamein during 1942. Since the US Army was not ready to enter into the war, it was decided to provide the British with the best tanks available to help in their fight against the Afrika Korps.

The author first tries to unwind some of the mystery surrounding the various markings one would find on these tanks and does an admirable job of it. Then the general camouflage schemes worn by the Shermans in battle is covered, followed by a section on specific camouflage as used by each of the various brigades that participated at El Alamein.

These various sections are all ably referenced to eight full pages of color profiles and detail drawings, themselves with pages of explanations. What comes from it is probably the most detailed look at the markings and camouflage schemes worn by these vehicles yet done. With the addition of some period photographs, the result is a very interesting book in its own right and one that I'm sure modelers will come to appreciate as they get ready to build their own Sherman models. Highly recommended.

July 2006

Review book courtesy of Mushroom Models Publications where you can order your copy. Australian readers can get theirs from Platypus Publications.

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