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Caracal Models CD 48047: USAF/USCG SA-16A Albatross

FCM 48061: SA-16 Albatross

Print Scale 72293:  Tupolev SB

Starfighter Decals 72-101 SBC-4 Helldiver

Starfighter Decals 72-125: Helldivers part 2

Starfighter Decals 72-150: SBC-4 Helldivers Part 3

Aeromaster 48-358: SB2C the Beast part 2

Microscale/Superscale 48-016 for SB2Cs

Starfighter Decals 72-138: Colorful Dauntless

Superscale 72-854: SBD-3 Dauntless

Superscale 72-855: SBD Dauntless

Starfighter Decals 4808: Dauntless at War, SBD-3s Jun-Nov 1942

Starfighter Decals 48-13: Dauntless at war in the Pacific 1942-43

Superscale 48-700 for the SBD Dauntless

Superscale 48-739 for the SBD Dauntless

Superscale 48-842 for the SBD Dauntless

Superscale 48-1035: SBD Dauntless

Yellow Wings 48-011: SBD-1 Dauntless

Yellow Wings 48-012: SBD-2 Dauntless

Yellow Wings 48-013: SBD-1/2

Yellow Wings 48-014: SBD-1/2 Dauntless

Yellow Wings 48-059: SBD-2 Dauntless 2106

Yellowhammer 32016: SBD-1 Dauntless

Yellowhammer 32017: SBD-3/4 Dauntless\

Yellowhammer 32-018: SBD-1/2/3 Dauntless

Yellow Wings 32-001: SBD-2 Dauntless

Yellow Wings 32-009: SBD Dauntless stencil package

Yellow Wings 32-026: SBD-2 Insignia

Yellow Wings 32-027: SBD-3 Dauntless

Caracal Models CD 48040: S2F-1 Tracker

Yellow Wings Decals 48-080: USMC SNJ-3 - 1942

Techmod 72038 V-156-F Vindicator

Techmod 72043: SB2U Vindicator

 Techmod 72131: SB2U Vindicator

 Yellow Wings 72-004: SB2U-1 Vindicator

Techmod 48076: SB2U Vindicator

Techmod 48077: V-156-F Vindicator

Techmod 48804: SB2U Vindicator

Yellow Wings 48-007 for the SB2U-1 Vindicator

Yellow Wings 48-008 for the SB2U-2 Vindicator

Yellow Wings 48-009: SB2U-1/2 Vindicator

Yellow Wings 48-010: SB2U-2 Vindicator

Yellow Wings 72-013: SOC-3 Seagull

FCM 72-039: S-2A Tracker

Superscale 72-165:  S-2 Tracker

Superscale 72-442 for the S2F-1 Tracker

Superscale 72-443 for the S2F-1 Tracker

Caracal Models CD 48002: US Navy S-2E

Caracal Models CD 48005: S-2 Tracker

Dutch Decal DD48044: Grumman S-2 Tracker, Airspeed Oxford

FCM 48-041:S-2 Tracker Part 1

FCM 48045: S-2 Tracker Part 3

Leading Edge 72-100:Canadian Air Force SE.5A

Leading Edge 48-100:Canadian Air Force SE.5A

Kora DEC 7276 Siebel Si-104A

Sky Models: #48-018 for the Savoia-Marchetti  SM.79 Sparviero.

Aeromaster 48-198: Siemens-Schuckert Collection

Starfighter Decals 72-144: SOC-1/3 Seagull at War

Caracal Models CD 72088: SR-71 and variants part 1

Caracal Models CD 72089: SR-71 and variants part 2

Caracal Models CD 48100: SR-71 Blackbird part 1

Caracal Models CD 48101: SR-71 Blackbird part 2

Superscale 72-110 for the SR-71

Aeromaster 72-126 for German Su-22s

Aeromaster 72-127 for the Su-22 'Fitter'

Aeromaster 48-246: Su-22 Fitter part 1

Aeromaster 48-247: Su-22 Fitter part 2

Mike Grant Decals Slovakian Su-25 'Frogfoot'

Authentic Decals 72-08: Su-25 Frogfoot

Balkan Models BM-7207: Su-25 Frogfoot

Balkan Models BM-4803: SU-25 Frogfoots

Cutting Edge 48-011: Su-27 Flanker

Hi-Decal 48-022: Su-27 Flanker

Caracal Models CD 72041: Su-30MK/MMK

Caracal Models CD 48088: Su-30MK/MMK Part 1

Caracal Models CD 48089: Su-30MK/MMK Part 2

Aeromaster 48-697: Seafires pt I.

Aeromaster 48-698: Seafires pt II

PMA Decals PMAD017: Seafire FR.47

Mike Grant Decals 72-0049: Canadian Sea Fury 

Aeromaster 48-013: Foreign Sea Furies

Aeromaster 48-215: Sea Fury Collection

Aeromaster 48-712 for the Sea Fury

Aeromaster 48-713: Sea Fury part 4

Eagle Strike 48-105 for the Sea Fury

Model Alliance 489008 for a Sea Harrier FA.2

PMA Decals PMAD018: Hawker Fury FB.10 Private Collectibles

XtraDecal 72077: Sea Vixen FAW.1/2

Tiger Wings 1/48 Shenyang F-8IIM

Aeromaster 48-332 for the Sopwith Camel

Eagle Strike 48-129 for the Sopwith Camel

Aeromaster 48-745: Sopwith Triplanes at war pt 1

Aeromaster 48-746: Sopwith Triplanes part 2

Pheon Decals 1/32 Sopwith Triplane

Aeromaster 48-576 for Spad Aces

Pheon Decals' SPAD VII Lafayette Escadrille (1/32)

 FCM 32-003 for the SPAD XIII

Caracal Models CD 48063: Stearman PT-17/N2S

Yellow Wings Decals 48-082: USN Stearman N2S-3

Aviaeology AOD48004m RCAF Sunderlands

OLUJ D-Cals 1/48 Super Cub

 IsraDecals #29 and #30 for the IAF Super Mystere B2

Aeromaster's sheet 48-480 for 1/48 Swordfish I