Yellow Wings 48-010: SB2U-2 Vindicator

For: Accurate Miniatures kit




Scott Van Aken


Now we all know that there can never be enough Vindicator decals! This particular set, designed for the Accurate Miniatures kit, has markings for five different aircraft. Most have yellow wings and silver fuselages, but not all, and I'll point that out when we get to it.

One is a VF-2 utility/hack aircraft from the Lexington in mid 1939 and coded 2-F-19. Yellow tail but no colored stripes or cowling.

Next is a VMF-1 Vindicator from MCAS Quantico in 1940, coded 1-MF-19. This has red/white/blue vertical rudder stripes as the norm for this period.

Third option is the Air Group Commander on the USS Wasp. Back tail on this and a black fuselage band with white pin striping.

Then the USS Yorktown Air Group Commander with a red tail and a red diagonal fuselage band.

Finally, in overall non-specular grey, is the Commander Tactical Unit One, Battle Force Pacific Fleet aircraft from 1941.

Though the drawings all show bombs, I doubt if any of them were armed.

The sheet has enough common markings to do one of the options, but with their aftermarket insignia, I'm sure you could do the rest if so inclined. It also includes walkway decals and prop tip stripe decals.

An excellent sheet and one that I think you should seriously consider for your next SB2U-2 project.

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples. If your store cannot get them, you can order direct.

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