Yellow Wings 32-006: SBD-2 Insignia

For: Trumpeter SBD-2 kit




Scott Van Aken

If you have bought or are considering buying the Trumpeter SBD-2 along with the Yellow Wings 32001 SBD-2 decal sheet, then you may want to consider replacing the kit insignia with this set.

These insignia will allow you to toss the kit markings all together and build two of the options that are on the earlier sheet. This includes the tail stripes for the Coral Sea set as well as the standard 'red dot' insignia of the prewar types and the later versions when that was removed.

As with all Yellow Wings sheets, you get one of the best set of instructions in the industry. Superbly printed by Microscale, this is a sheet that will just make that Trumpeter SBD build that much better.

June 2006

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples. If your store cannot get them, you can order direct.

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