Aeromaster 48-332: Sopwith Camel

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken


WWI aircraft get darn little attention from the decal folks and Allied planes fare even worse than the Germans. This particular sheet is for two rather colorful Sopwith Camels. Few people realize that the USAS flew the Camel, but several squadrons were operating the type by the time that war ended in November of 1918. The Camel was a particularly difficult plane to fly and more Camel pilots were killed in training and other non-combat accidents than were killed by the enemy.

Though it isn't titled 'Colorful Camels', it well should be. The two subjects of this sheet are by no means dull and would have been. When it comes to kits, I know of only one in 1/48 that is relatively available and that is the ex-Aurora version that was done by Monogram. Odd that the Czechs or Eastern Europeans have not decided to do an updated kit of this plane. perhaps some time in the future.

The first scheme is  from 3 Sq, RNAS in February of 1918. It and the other subject are in PC 10 Khaki upper surfaces with the undersides of the wings in clear dope over natural linen. The engine cowling and wheels are in red with polished metal engine access panels on the side. The markings themselves are rather striking and include two King of Diamonds markings on the upper surface of the lower wings.

The other is a US plane from the 41st Aero Squadron. Though slightly less colorful, it does carry the unit badge on both sides of the fuselage. This marking has been provided in two colors, the other red, as it is difficult to tell from photos just exactly what the color should be. Regardless of which is chosen, it is a mile ahead of the kit decals!

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