Yellow Wings 48-009: SB2U-1/2 Vindicator

Units: VB-2, VB-3, VB-4 & VS-72




Scott Van Aken


Coming along right after the release of the Accurate Miniatures Vindicator kits, this sheet provides Fuselage Bands and Wing Chevrons for this and other 1/48 Vindicator kits. In addition to these markings, squadron badges, prop tip markings and LSO markings are also included.

What is not on this sheet are insignia, however, Yellow Wings does provide the correct sizes on a separate insignia sheet that can be used on this and other pre-war aircraft.

Included with the sheet are comprehensive instructions that provide stats on the aircraft as well as any painting information. Also is a description of how the section markings are colored. A paint match chart is also provided so that you can get the correct shades to complete your aircraft.

This is an excellent sheet that is something you should seriously consider using on your next Vindicator model.

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples.

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