Starfighter Decals 72-101 SBC-4 Helldiver


Starfighter Decals 72-101 SBC-4 Helldiver


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Scott Van Aken


For Heller/Matchbox kit. Alps printed

This particular sheet is Starfighter Decals' first 1/72 sheet. They have chosen the SBC-4 Helldiver as the kick-off subject and a good choice it is. There are two kits I know of on the SBC Helldiver in 1/72 and those are by Matchbox and Heller. My choice would be the Heller version as it has more detail.

The sheet provides markings for three planes. I've darkened the sheet image so you can see the white markings.

First is the squadron commander's plane from VS-2 aboard the USS Lexington in 1939. Red cowling, lemon yellow tail, and red bands for this one.

Second is the CAG bird from the USS Enterprise in 1940. True blue for the stripes and tail.

The third is an overall light gull grey plane from the USS Saratoga in 1941.

These decals are ALPS printed and have a clear coat over them to protect them from damage, but one still needs to be careful. Only the weakest of setting solutions (Microscale) is recommended.

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January 2008

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