FCM 48061: SA-16 Albatross

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One of several US aircraft that found a lot of use post WWII was the Grumman Albatross. In some services, this amphibian was called the HU-16 while in others it was the SA-16. It was a very good long range air/sea rescue aircraft and was responsible for the saving of countless lives.

Brazil was one of the nations that operated this type for many years and this sheet is for this neat aircraft. In 1/48 scale, only Trumpeter produces this kit and it builds into a fairly large model. It is not inexpensive with kits retailing in the $100.00 plus range.

This sheet provides three very colorful options. Two of these are Brazilian and a third is Italian. The base color is aluminum. One Brazilian option has red nose and tail markings with orange fuselage band, floats, and upper outer wings. The other has a white upper fuselage with the same orange areas. The Italian option has an orange nose and tail section with a lot of yellow. This color covers the underside of the fuselage, the fuselage band, floats, and the upper and lower outer wings. The set includes the black outlines for the bands and colored areas. It also includes the upper fuselage/wing walk areas. Note that there is a strip of decals not shown that includes more outline stripes.

As with other new sheets, this one is superbly printed by Serigraf and should be quite thin.

August 2022

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