FCM 48-041:S-2 Tracker Part 1
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Scott Van Aken

FCM is the first that I am aware with a sheet for the new Kinetic S-2 Tracker. FCM is concentrating on Latin American aircraft and air forces with this one and starting out with two long time users of the S-2, Brazil and Venezuela. As these planes have a considerable number of markings on them, the sheet provides three options. Both of these planes are in the Light Gull Grey over White scheme, so painting is pretty straight-forward.

The first option is a later Brazilian plane from 1/1 Grupo de Av. Embarcada from Santa Cruz in 1993. Unlike most S-2s in this scheme, the rudder is not white.

The second and third options are both Venezuelan aircraft from AS-1 the lone anti submarine warfare squadron. These two planes are from 1976 and 1982. The earlier plane has the insignia with the tri-colored 'wings' on either side, while the later plane is lacking these. Otherwise, they are quite similarly marked and painted pretty much the same.

FCM sheets are superbly printedby Microscale and suffer from no registration problems. From the look of things, there are enough data markings to do one Brazilian and one Venezuelan plane. The folks at FCM not only provide full color four views in the markings guide, but also separate stencil guides for both the Brazilian and Venezuelan option.

A truly superb decal sheet that will make your Kinetic S-2 stand out from the others.

Thanks to FCM for providing the review sheet.

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