Yellow Wings 32-009: SBD Stencil Package

For: Trumpeter 1/32 kits




Scott Van Aken


One thing that most aircraft have all over them are stencils. These are usually data information for ground crews for things such as where the battery is located, where to put in oil and the like. Yellow Wings has provided a set of stencils for the SBD-1, 2, and 3. In with the stencil sheet is a set of factory drawings that show all the external markings placement. While no drawing is provided for exactly where to put the interior ones, most of them are self-explanatory and shouldn't provide any problems for most of us.

An excellent addition to the fine line of Yellow Wings Decals and perfect for your Trumpeter 1/32 kit.

January 2007

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples. If your store cannot get them, you can order direct.

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