Superscale 72-854: SBD-3 Dauntless

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Scott Van Aken

An aircraft that is sometimes overlooked by 1/72 builders is the SBD Dauntless. Undoubtedly one of the most successful dive bombers ever build, the SBD was also a dream to fly, having no real vices. It is thanks to that trait that the SBD was operated through-out the war. This is the first of two sheets and are scaled for the Hasegawa and Testors/Hawk kit. Airfix also do an SBD you could probably use that one as well. The markings are well thought out and cover three SBD-3s that are all painted in early war colors of Blue-Grey over Light Grey.

First up is a VS-41 aircraft from the USS Ranger during Operation Torch. It includes the yellow surround insignia on the fuselage and lower wings.

Next is a late 1943 aircraft from VB-10 aboard the USS Enterprise. This one has the later insignia and large white numbers typical of the time.

Finally, from just before or during the Battle of the Coral Sea is this VS-2 Dauntless, which was, I believe,  aboard the USS Lexington. It has the early war insignia and a goodly number of kill markings on it.

Superscale also provides wing walk areas and tail hook stripes as decals so you don't have to paint those on.


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