Aeromaster 48-247: Su-22 Fitter part 2

Units: various




Scott Van Aken


This second Su-22 sheet covers four aircraft. Like the previous one, when the sheet was produced, only OEZ had a 1/48 Su-22 and now you have the much more detailed Kitty Hawk kit. None of these markings are really kit specific so should be just fine regardless of which kit you choose.

First up is a Iraqi Air Force plane. This one is in a rather easy to paint brown and dark green over light sky blue.

Next is one with the Afghan Air Force in dark brown, dark green and sand over light sky blue. This one defected to Pakistan during the Soviet occupation period.

In a light green, dark green, brown and tan scheme is a Hungarian Air Force aircraft. Note the painted over areas on the fin. This paint scheme has been 'patched' several times making for an interesting scheme.

Finally a Fitter K from the Ukraine Air Force. This is in the usual light green, dark green, brown, and tan over light sky blue. All four options on this sheet are Su-22M-3/4 aircraft. The M-3 is more easily distinguished by not having the intake at the leading edge of the fin. Nor does it have the rear fuselage mounted chaff/flare dispensers.

These decals were printed by Microscale.

May 2018

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