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Scott Van Aken



The first subject in this new series of decal sheets from Superscale is for the SBD Dauntless. The really nice thing about this particular sheet is that all three of the aircraft are so differently marked. You can basically cover most of the war with these three aircraft.

Starting at the bottom on this one, is a pre-Midway SBD-3 in the standard blue-grey over light grey. It has the then-required red and white rudder stripes and the HUGE insignia with red centers. It is also the Air Group commander's plane so has the GC markings (for Group Commander) aft of the insignia.

Next is another SBD-3, though from later in the war after the red dots and red and white rudder stripes had been removed. This one is from the USS Wasp about the time of its sinking. It is also in blue-grey over light grey.

Finally an SBD-5 from the East coast in the Atlantic scheme of white and dark gull grey. This is a Marine SBD-5 that had the arduous task of being stationed in the Virgin Islands circa 1944.

There are three available SBD kits in 1/48. The first is the rather old Monogram kit. The downside of this kit is that it really isn't any particular variant. Probably closer to an SBD-4 than anything, but with all its 'working' features, is probably not your first choice.

Next on the list would be the Hasegawa kit. It comes in a variety of variants, though I'm not sure that they ever did an SBD-5. I'd be surprised if they didn't. Down side of this kit is that you have to drill out all the holes in the dive brakes. Unless you get the kit with the photo-etched brakes, you'll be busy for a while. Other than that, it is a very nice model and not that difficult to find.

The best choice is the Accurate Miniatures SBD kits. Finding them may be a problem now that they have gone out of business. However, they are out there if you look.

A very nice sheet and one that you should seek. You'll notice that there has been a small price increase. Not surprising as Superscale has been holding at $6 for a very long time, but economics has reared its ugly head and increasing costs have had to be passed along to the consumer. Regardless, it is still a good deal when compared to the competition.

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