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Scott Van Aken



Another fine Yellowhammer sheet for the Trumpeter kit. All aircraft on this sheet are in the blue-grey over light gull grey scheme with the red removed from the insignia and no rudder stripes. These are all Battle of Midway or later aircraft so will have twin .30 calibre guns in the rear. All the -3s have a spinner in Insignia Blue.

First up is a -4 with VMSB-233 at Guadalcanal. This aircraft is rare as it has a name (Sister) and nose art. This is the first time this aircraft has been on a sheet in this form.

Next is a Saratoga based -3 during the Guadalcanal campaign. Note the kill marking and low LSO stripe on the tail.

Black 17 is a -3 from VS-5 during Midway. Note the undersurface color wraps over the forward cowling.

Black B1 is the aircraft of Dick Best during Midway. His -3 has never been photographed, but this scheme has been determined based on conversations and the way other unit aircraft were marked.

The next -4 also has a name (Push-Push) and was with VMSB-144 in the Solomons.

Finally, there is Black GC, the aircraft of the Enterprise carrier group commander, Wade McCluskey during Midway.

The sheet is superbly researched with lots of notes and there is a separate data sheet (not shown but you can see it in the previous review) that accompanies this sheet. Insignia enough for one aircraft and you can relegate the red centers to the spares bin as none of these planes carries them.

April 2007

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