Aeromaster 48-246: Su-22 Fitter part 1

Units: various




Scott Van Aken


This nice sheet covers three Su-22 Fitters from two different nations. The recommended kit for this sheet is the only one available at the time, and that was by OEZ. Now we have the nice one from Kitty Hawk and I see no reason why these should not fit that kit.

First up the the rather garishly painted Su-22 of JBG 77. This was done to commemorate the last East German Su-22 flight prior to the reintegration of the two Germanys. Standard four color upper camouflage scheme of light green, dark green, brown, and tan. Unerside is a pale sky blue.

The second is a standard East German plane also with JBG 77. Note that the camouflage colors are the same as the previous option, but the pattern was frequently different.

Third is a Libyan Air Force aircraft in mid brown, dark green and tan over the light sky blue. This is one of the aircraft shot down during the Gulf of Sidra incident.

These decals were printed by Microscale.

May 2018

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