Caracal Models CD 48005: S-2 Tracker

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a fine new sheet for the Kinetic/Italeri 1/48 S-2 Tracker. This sheet concentrates on worldwide aircraft from seven different countries. Several of these have multiple options giving a total of 10 so you should not be at a loss for what to use.

These decals are a set of two with one having all the black lettering and numbers while the other contains all the color in terms of insignia, white lettering and other special markings. What is really neat is that there are some very colorful schemes provided with this sheet. Each entry has its own page in the decal instructions and each includes an upper view for wing markings and camouflage.

Here are the options provided:

Royal Dutch Navy S-2N
Canadian CS-2F
Turkish S-2A and S-2F
Japanese S2F-1, S2F-U (a cool target tug scheme), and S2F-C
Thai Navy S-2A  (It has a rather neat sharkmouth)
South Korean S-2E
Taiwanese S-2E (another cool scheme).

For images of all these, visit and scroll down a bit. Well worth the diversion. There is a note that the short fuselage S-2A is undoubtedly in the works from Kinetic so be patient.

These decals are superbly printed by the folks at Cartograf so you are assured of the finest quality and colors.

June 2011

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