Aeromaster 48-713: Sea Fury pt 4

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with the neat Sea Fury decals is this sheet that covers three more aircraft. Once again, the Hobbycraft Sea Fury is the kit to use, though this should fit the Falcon Vacuform kit for those of you who would rather use that kit.

First up is an overall aluminum lacquer FB.11 from the Union of Burma Air Force. This one has no tail hook installed as befits a land based aircraft. This aircraft operated into the 1960s.

An early Canadian Navy FB.11 from 803 Sq is next. This one has Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky camo with what seems to be standard Royal Navy markings. However, you can see that there are little maple leaves inside the roundel.

Finally, a Korean war vintage FB.11 from the Royal Australian Navy. This is in EDSG over Sky with black/white ID bands. Those on the wings you'll have to paint on.

Enough data for one plane and insignia for all.

April 2005

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