Caracal Models CD 48100: SR-71 Blackbird part 1

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Scott Van Aken

Caracal Models has decided to go whole hog on the SR-71 family of aircraft in 1/48 scale and release two sets for the Testors kit. This kit has been reissued by Italeri if I'm not mistaken and is not impossible to find. Painting most of these is fairly easy as they are all a black color or a combination of unpainted metal with black areas. Note that in some instances, the color has been reported as a blue-black, but the times I've seen these planes operationally, they certainly look black to me.

There are 22 markings options and that includes some for the M-21 drones. Drones are available from Kiwi Resin.

A-12B 60-6927 "Titanium Goose

A-12 60-6928

M-21 60-06940 (D-21 drone "mothership")

YF-12 60-06934

YF-12 60-06935

YF-12 60-06936 record breaker

SR-71 61-17955SR-71 61-17956 "1000th Sortie"S

R-71 61-17961 "Bald but Bold"

SR-71 61-17964 "The Bododian Express"

SR-71 61-17967SR-71 61-17970 "Super Skater"

SR-71 61-17971 "W'ere the Fakawee"

SR-71 61-17972 "Charlie's Problem"

SR-71 61-17974 "ichi Ban"

SR-71 61-17976

SR-71 61-17978 "Rapid Rabbit"

SR-71 61-17980 "Rosemary's Baby-San"

SR-71 61-17956 "Gumby"

D-21 drone "501"

D-21 drone "505"

The special markings (if carried) were placed on the fin and I've been led to believe that many of these were painted in chalk to prevent them from burning off with the heat. Could also be a legend, but sounds good. Decals are printed by Cartograf and you are provided a full stencil placement guide. You'll need to visit the Caracal web site for the paint schemes on the non-all black planes.

July 2019

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