Hi-Decal 48-022; Su-27 Flanker

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Scott Van Aken

What is really a HUGE airplane, the Su-27 and its various derivatives is one of the most impressive aircraft in the air today. It has been quite a good seller in the world market as well, much because not only is it quite capable, but it is also considerably less expensive than equivalent Western fighters. What many modelers like about it are the wide variety of camouflage schemes that it carries and these 6 aircraft are no exception. Why are there only 4 profiles? Well, the Hi-Decal painting and placement sheet is huge as well and there is no way I can scan the whole thing. For kits the sheet suggests and only lists Academy for this scale for both the single and twin seat versions. There is a Chinese copy by Zhengdefu and I'm thinking that even Trumpeter may have a Chinese version on the market.

Without going into a lot of color detail, I mention that there are single seat markings for Ethiopia, Eritrea, Indonesia, and Angola. Twin seat aircraft from Eritria and Angola are provided as well. Regardless of which you choose, the kit will be most impressive!

I should take this opportunity to mention that all Hi-Decal instruction sheets provide paints or paint mixes using Humbrol and Model Master paints. A full stencil suite is also provided as well as most complete placement guide.

I'd like to thank Hi-Decal for providing the review sheets. Visit their website at the above link for other great sheets.

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