Aeromaster 48-215: Sea Fury Collection

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Scott Van Aken

The last Royal Navy piston powered fighter was the Sea Fury. It was a very capable fighter and fighter bomber, just not fast enough to do anything with even the early generation jets that it met in Korea. Though they did shoot down MiGs, those were as much a fluke as anything else. Still, they are impressive aircraft and those still flying are quite popular as both war birds and air racers.

When this sheet was developed, the only kits in this scale were a nice vacuform from Falcon and the then-New Hobbycraft kit. Since then, Airfix and stepped up and provided an excellent kit that truly surpasses the previous offerings. Fortunately, there is nothing on this sheet that is really kit specific so you can use any available 1/48 kit for these.

First up is one of those MiG killers a 802 Squadron plane from the HMS Ocean as flown by Lt 'Hoagy' Carmichael in 1952. This plane is in the standard extra dark sea grey over sky scheme with the black/white ID bands.

Next is the first of two Royal Canadian Navy planes from 803 Squadron in 1949. This is in the early scheme of extra dark sea grey over sky where the EDSG goes low on the fuselage.

An overall Oxford blue plane of the Royal Australian Navy in 1953 is next. This was with 724 Squadron and the blue is on both upper and lower surfaces.

The second Canadian  plane from 871 Squadron in 1953 is wearing the later dark sea grey over light sea grey scheme. Years ago there was much debate over these two shades.

Finally, a second Australian plane, this one from 805 Squadron aboard the HMAS Sydney during Korea. Same basic markings as the first plane though with a red spinner.

May 2018

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