Yellow Wings Decals 48-080: USMC SNJ-3 - 1942
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Scott Van Aken

This latest Yellow Wings Decals sheet provides us a couple of very nice options for early war USMC trainer types. The suggested kit for this sheet is the venerable Monogram SNJ/AT-6 kit that should be plentiful as it gets reissued all the time.

The first offering is an unpainted metal plane with yellow/orange upper wings. This aircraft was with VMD-254's photographic unit based at NAS San Diego in April of 1942. Note that this one has a bronze green nose anti-glare panel.

The second option is one painted in blue-grey uppers with a light grey underside and a red forward cowling. This plane was assigned to the First Marine Aircraft Wing as a gunner trainer based at Quantico, VA in early 1942. Note that this airplane may have had wing guns installed as well as the single nose gun.

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Microscale and not only includes full markings for both planes, but also the upper wing walk areas as well.

November 2014

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review sample. You can get them direct from this link.

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