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Scott Van Aken

S2Fs (Stoofs) have not had a ton of plastic done on them. For the oldies were large and small kits done by Aurora, while much later Hasegawa did a version that was copied by Hobbycraft's Korean connection. The Hasegawa version is still the kit of choice when it comes to building this aircraft. It was a natural for Hasegawa as it started out doing models of all the planes in use by the Japanese air forces and the S2F was one of those. This sheet is a later 1/72 version by Superscale, so includes the insignia, especially since there is lots of room on the sheet for it. Data markings are for two planes, but keep the wing walk area from the kit decals!

First of the three aircraft is an overall gloss sea blue version from VS-21 aboard the USS Princeton.

S2Fs quickly changed to light gull grey over white and that is the scheme carried by this VS-32 plane from the USS Lake Champlain.

The final scheme is a Japanese version from VS-51 (or maybe that is just 51 Squadron). It is said to be overall olive green with chrome yellow engine cowlings rear sections, wings and horizontal stabilizers and international orange tail and wing stripes. I seem to recall seeing these in Atsugi in the early 1970s and they seemed to be more of an engine grey instead of olive green and had da-glo vice international orange. I'll have to hunt up a picture and see.

Anyway, each of these schemes is easy to do and a big plus from the kit supplied versions.

Review copy courtesy of my ever growing decal pile!

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