Superscale 72-165 S-2 and E2

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Scott Van Aken


This rather old sheet covers two of the Navy's less exotic types, the S-2 Tracker and the E-2 Hawkey. Both of these types were in the light gull grey over white scheme. In this scale, Hasegawa and Hobbycraft do the S-2 while the old Fujimi kit is the only one around for this particular variant of the E-2

So let's start with the E-2. It is an E-2B with the more rounded nose from VAW-115 when based on the USS Midway. This is the CAG bird with the nicely done multi-colored tail.

The first S-2 is a US-2C from VC-5 in the Philippines. It has the radome removed and the builder will have to paint the tail red prior to adding the large decal.

Next is an S2F-1 from NAS Los Alamitos in the then-current white with orange bits scheme used by the reserves.

From VS-37 comes this S2F-1 with a yellow fin tip and prop spinner.

As was the norm, only unique markings are supplied with insignia having to come from another source.

February 2007

This one is from the decal dungeon.

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