PMA Decals PMAD018: Hawker Fury FB.10 Private Collectibles




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Scott Van Aken


For the 1/48 HobbyCraft or Trumpeter kit

This set from PMA decals contains markings for several Hawker Furies. I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that these are all war bird markings. This is based on the name of the sheet and the first two subjects, though I could be in error. Suggested kits are the Sea Furies by HobbyCraft or Trumpeter and some modification will be required to do the land based Fury.

The first two options seem to be the same aircraft at different times. The upper image has a US and South African registration, while the one just under it has French registration. This aircraft apparently has a four bladed prop. It is also apparently a two seat version with an elongated canopy.

Next are two planes with the same number, but in different markings. The upper one is done as a Dutch Navy Sea Fury, while the one below it is in the markings of the Australian Navy. Like the previous aircraft, these are in an overall sea blue.

The final option is an Iraqi Air Force Fury in sand and stone with a light blue-grey underside. This and the two previous options have the five bladed prop. The decals themselves are superbly printed with no registration errors. They are a bit thicker than some of the tissue thin ones we have seen from the Czechs, and are also quite glossy. I have reproduced the sheets rather dark to help see the white markings.

An excellent choice for those of you wanting something a bit different.

January 2012

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