Isradecal #29 and 30: Super Mystere B2

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Scott Van Aken

Once again, Isradecal has produced a pair of outstanding decal sheet for IAF aircraft. In this case, it is the Super Mystere B2, an aircraft that served with the IAF from 1958 until 1975. A few were even exported to Honduras after their Israeli service. This sheet covers all the different camouflage schemes. The Super Mystere flew all of its operational life with just one squadron, the Scorpion Squadron. Initially delivered in an overall bare metal with a red lightning flash on the fuselage, it later was painted the blue/brown over light grey scheme. It was in this scheme that it was reengined with the A-4's J-52 engine, resulting in an extended tail cone and the Sa'ar came into being. These aircraft were  recamouflaged in the green/brown/tan over light blue scheme with which it ended its service life.

The sheet provides markings to allow you do build any aircraft in any of the schemes. Data markings are provided in both French and Hebrew. For those wanting to do the Sa'ar, it should be a simple enough conversion. The decals come in three separate sheets and the only difference between the 1/72 and 1/48 sheets are the size, with the 1/72 sheet being shown on the right. The instruction booklets are identical for both sheets and are among the best in the industry. Not only are the usual profiles provided, but photos of the actual aircraft are included, a really excellent method of showing decal placement or any unusual modifications that may be needed. Those wondering what is around for kits, you have two choices and neither is an ultra-modern kit. In 1/48 is the Fonderie Miniature's short run kit that will definitely test your mettle. In 1/72 is the old, but still nice Airfix version.

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